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Taking marketing to the next level

EffWorks is a reservoir of learning, research and debate about marketing effectiveness. It was established in 2016 by the IPA and a host of industry partners. The ambition is to set the agenda for marketing in the digital era, to inform and inspire all stakeholders, and to create culture-change. Truly accountable and effective marketing is a key agent of business transformation and growth. Together we want to realise that potential.

Discover EffWorks

Explore the collected learnings from our Annual EffWeek event, our ongoing programme of peer-reviewed R&D, and the work of our many industry partners. Topics include measurement, leadership, creativity and culture.

Discover EffWeek

EffWeek is a week of events that brings together marketers, C-Suite executives, agencies, media organisations and industry bodies. The one-day flagship conference is the culmination of twelve months of original R&D and consultation and is an essential event for anyone with a stake in marketing. It is supported by a week of satellite events run by EffWeeks partners.

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Driven by research

We invest in an ongoing programme of research. It informs our content and events so you can be sure they are grounded in real data and the latest findings. Every year at EffWeek we publish new findings and preview work in progress. We are currently focussing our efforts on three areas of investigation: the impact of digital on optimal media investments, building effectiveness culture, and measurement.


"Forget the hype, forget the misreporting. We are seeking to represent what’s really going on and the opportunities for improvement in our industry. EffWeek and EffWorks are not just about what we do, but why and how we do it. Our overall ambition is to encourage evidence-based decision making in marketing. To move the industry from a reporting to a learning culture. To encourage greater accountability and transparency. Ultimately to create more value for the brands we service."

Janet Hull O.B.E

Director of Marketing Strategy,
IPA and Executive Director

EffWeek 2018

Our annual EffWeek event will be taking place from 08 - 12 October 2018, with the flagship conference on Tuesday 09 October. More details to be released soon. Watch the videos and read content from previous events.

Learning & Resources

We have curated the outputs from the first Effectiveness Week in 2016. We will continue to add to this reservoir of resources and learning on an ongoing basis.


EffWorks and EffWeek are a team effort. Our help us to shape a relevant and insightful debate around marketing effectiveness.

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